Ashtary Online

Watching the World Cup in Amsterdam

Feel free to comment about the site here. Be as critical about my work and site as you want to, but know this: I will delete comments that insult whole groups of people and other commenters.


8 Replies to “Ashtary Online”

  1. Beautiful, beautiful work. I am so glad to see you put this out there for the world to find. I want to hear the voices behind the stories. Can you add personal stories? I especially wanted to hear the voices of the people wearing the chador. How can we set up an exhibit in our area?

  2. Congrats,Kamran,I really enjoy your website.Easy to navigate and the scale of your photos is demanding and very eyecatching,indeed.Looking forward to seeing your next installation and putting the word out in the mean time.Cheers!

  3. beautiful! I love the photo stream (if that’s the term). I’ll be visiting often.

    Yes, I too would love to hear the stories.

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